Creative Kids is state licensed
    We accept DSS state subsidy payments

    DVN 002139984

    What is a copayment?  A copayment is the portion of your
    provider's actual charge that is over and above the amount
    reimbursed by the childcare subsidy program and  your
    sliding fee.  It is your household's responsibility to negotiate
    this charge with your childcare provider.  The copayment and
    sliding fee are two separate charges in addition to the State's
    reimbursement rate.  

    What is a sliding fee? The sliding fee is the portion of
    childcare expense the family is responsible to pay directly to
    the childcare provider.  The amount of the sliding fee is based
    on the household's size and gross monthly income.  The
    sliding fee is waived for children that meet the definition of
    special needs.   Failure to pay the sliding fee can result in the
    household no longer being eligible for child care subsidy.

    State Copay rates:
    Full Time Copayment Rates
    Infant $71.95 per week
    2 year old and not potty trained 3 and older $113.75 per week
    3 and older and potty trained $103.75 per week

This does not include your sliding fee this amount will be added to your
copayment and will be applied based off the paperwork we receive from
the state authorizing care for your children.