We are contracted as a State Licensed Child Care Center participating in the Child and Adult Food Care Program.
Providing Nutritious Meals in our on-site kitchen
Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Pre-Kindergartners and School aged Children
Family Style Dining

Family style dining in a child care setting can make mealtime a fun.  Through family style
dining they will experience psychological and educational growth and development
uniquely presented in a fun and nutritious environment.
Children learn social skills such as how to serve themselves, take turns, and use their
manners to interact appropriate and positively with their classmates and caregivers.  This
behavior will carry over into other areas of their lives.
Equally important, having the opportunity to have quiet conversation and a relaxed meal
with caregivers and children together only serves to strengthen the child care community
as a whole, and help your child see themselves as part of their child care family.
Learning how to serve ourselves teaches
independence and confidence while working on fine
motor skills.

Family style dining encourages children to try new
foods encouraging healthy eating.

Learning portion control by fixing their own plates helps
kids learn to eat until their full.  
They learn to take what they will eat and not just clean a
plate of food set in front of them which can promote over
                                                     Infants and Toddlers
                                                   We provide Member's Mark Gentle Ease formula for our infants.   
                                                   We encourage our breastfeeding moms to bring in breast milk
                                                   that we can bottle feed them their breast milk. Our Moms are
                                                   encouraged to stop in and feed their babies in the nursery anytime.

    When it is time to began solid foods we provide simple ingredient baby foods and cereal.
    To encourage children to be self sufficient, we encourage our babies to feed themselves when
    they are developmentally ready.  

                           What a great boost to their self-confidence and their independence.  


The Child and Adult Care Food Program provides reimbursement to child care centers for meals served to participating children following specific requirements and patterns for meals and snacks.

  • The program serves children 12 years of age and under, children of Migrant workers 15 years of age and under, and mentally or physically disabled persons enrolled in a facility serving a
    majority of people 18 years of age and under.

  • Eligible facilities must serve meals meeting program requirements; maintain accurate and complete records; operate a nonprofit food service; train center personnel in program
    requirements and operations; and collect income eligibility information on all participants claimed as free or reduced.

  • DHSS provides reimbursement for allowable meals served; provides technical assistance on nutrition, food service operations, program management, and record keeping and reviews and
    monitors program services to ensure good nutrition for all enrolled participants.
Infants and Toddlers
2 years and Older